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Planned Obsolescence: It's Not You, It's Them

By: Katie Greiss Have you ever been in a pinch and bought something last minute for an event from a brand like Zara, H&M, Boohoo, or Forever 21, and after one wash it starts falling apart? Turns out, fast fashion brands use something called planned obsolescence as a way to get people to buy more and buy often. According to our friends at Fashion Revolution, planned obsolescence is a business, design, and economic strategy where products are intentionally planned to fall apart or become unfashionable quickly, pushing the consumer to buy more.  Crazily, it's a common tactic used in fashion, as well as many other industries. Many brands create their clothing to last only ten wears and produce trendy clothes that they know will go...

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Sustainable Fashion Podcasts

By: Katie Greiss Podcasts have become a wildly popular way for people to learn on the go. There are resources for any subject you could imagine... so it's no surprise there are some amazing podcasts about sustainable fashion as well. Here are a few of our favourites; give them a listen on your next commute, dog walk, or while cleaning the house! All of the following podcasts can be streamed through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play. Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press After writing two inspiring, educational books on the evolution of the fashion industry and where it needs to go, Clare opened up her platform to showcase what she has learned from others on her sustainable fashion journey. Each week, she hosts designers, change-makers,...

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