EARTH DAY - 3 Easy Habits You Can Adopt to Protect our Planet

Today is Earth Day! The official theme for this year is Restore Our Earth, promoting climate action that will pave the road ahead for environmental justice and green economic recovery post-pandemic. If you’re reading this, you likely already have a drive to protect the environment, which puts you in a great spot to turn your passion into action. Here are some simple, actionable tips to get yourself and those around you involved in the fight for our planet.

Consume less. While Earth Day is something to be celebrated, many fast fashion brands take advantage of this and start promoting their sales for the day – or sometimes the entire month – which just pushes consumers to buy unnecessarily. This gives us big Black Friday vibes, which as we've written about, has nasty effects on our planet! The best way to care for the environment is to consume intentionally, and ultimately consume less. Consider the following before consuming: Do you need it? Can it be purchased secondhand? Is the item sustainably sourced? Who made it and where? You'll notice most eco-friendly companies disclose this information.

If you aren’t sure whether your favourite brands make the cut for sustainability, visit Good On You which offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use directory for fashion brands, rating them on their ethical and environmental footprints. Whether you’re looking for everyday items or clothing, there are brands that are truly sustainable, and you can rest at easy knowing your shopping is putting the planet first.

Give, Not Toss. We're in the season of spring cleaning, which is a great time to clean out your closet and home, but NOT to toss everything in the garbage.  Sort your clothes into three piles: keep, consign, and donate. Clothes that no longer fit or suit your personal style but are in good condition deserve a second life. Think about consigning clothing you are done wearing so someone else has a chance to feel good in an outfit without the environmental cost! If you have pieces that are more well-loved, donate them to a reputable charity, or repurpose them. 

Speak up. Social media is increasingly important to connect with others – especially throughout this past year. People are constantly on devices, and you can use that to your advantage to get your network involved in some earth-friendly habits. You don’t need to be a sustainability influencer or have a large following to impact those around you. Share posts that resonate with you on social media to bring awareness to environmental issues; the more often people are exposed to these matters, the more they will learn and want to take action in their own life.

If you're a proud consignment shopper already, be sure to show off your secondhand wardrobe and why you love it so much! Once your peers see how cute your “new” outfits are, they’ll be more inclined to make the shift to secondhand shopping as well.

We believe people genuinely want to protect the earth – they just don’t know how or where to start. By sharing and talking about your eco-friendly habits such as consignment shopping, you’re introducing your family and friends to sustainable fashion in a way that is simple and fun for them to get involved in.

While we listed a few easy, actionable steps to take this Earth Day, there are endless ways you can pitch in for our planet. Check out our friends at GENTTA who make concrete actions accessible and easy to complete, as well as our favourite Slow Fashion guru Alyssa Beltempo who has tons of resources on how to consume less and to consume smart. Visit the official Earth Day website for more resources, and let us know some of the other ways you celebrate or promote Earth Day to your friends and family!